Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekly Silly Hall Update

I'm starting a new weekly feature here at Chez Kitty which will recap all the exciting stuff that goes on at Silly Hall in the lovely municipality known as The Hellmouth. All the exciting stuff...ok, so yeah, this going to be more like a sporadic thing. The last exciting thing we had go on here was the old guy who would routinely berate Silly Council at their weekly meetings. I was the receptionist back in those days. It was fun because I always knew what was going on in The Hellmouth.
Anyway, one time said old guy made some "inflammatory" comments about GWB, which apparently didn't go over very will with the Powers That Be. The very next day, Secret Service came in looking for Old Guy.

They walked in wearing dark jackets with "Secret Service" on the back in HUGE letters. Huge yellow letters. It was like they wanted my Sarcasm Tractor Beam to lock on to them. Those guys had no sense of humor. Seriously, they expected me not to comment? I think they got off easy with my 'you guys suck at keeping a secret' remark. Or maybe it was the "OMG, it's the SS!" comment? I don't know, but they were asking for it. Dirty sluts.

Nothing like that goes on around this place now. Nope, now I have to search for ways to antagonize people just for kicks. Today, it is the Blatant Ignoring of The Dress Code. "Employees shall dress in a professional manner, yadda yadda, blah, blah"...whatever. I think jeans, a black t shirt and black Chucks is plenty professional. My boss had the nerve to ask if my outfit was professional enough ... silly mortal. I told him "sure it is...did I for get to tell you I'm the other Ramone? Sandy Ramone."

Sometimes I'm amazed that I still have a job.

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Ebony Haywood said...

Lol. Girl, you better watch out. Joining the Ramones is like the kiss of death...