Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--Teeth

Open up and say "ahhhh"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesay--Hats!

Aimee sporting her new hats.


Crackpot History

This post has nothing to do with the title, except for maybe the fact that I'm kind of a crackpot. Heh, you thought I was going to say crackhead, didn't you? You cheeky little monkeys. The thing is, I can't seem to get "Crackpot History and The Right To Lie" by Adam Ant out of my head. It's not like this song is my favorite off the "Friend or Foe" album or anything. It just seems to have parked itself in my brain.

Since my dear Mr. Ant is providing the soundtrack for this post, I'll use titles of his songs to write said work of art. (This can be a work of art...have you been to LACMA lately? One of the exhibits looks like it's made from old vacuum cleaner hoses. By comparison, this post is a bloody masterpiece.)

Hello, I Love You*

I haven't written in what seems like poor little blog has been so neglected that I'm surprised Social Services hasn't come after me. Stuff at Chez Kitty has shifted between dull and aggravating, so I figured I'd spare everyone my whining. I hope you've enjoyed the respite. Now let's break out the cheese, shall we?

* Yes, yes, it's a Doors song--but Adam did a cover of it and he can do no wrong. Except for the whole dating Heather Graham thing. She ruined "From Hell" for me. *shakes fist*

Desperate But Not Serious

It looks like my division will be moving out of our old, comfy digs to the some new swankier digs at main Silly Hall. So instead of my crappy office with lots of natural light, I'll have a nicer office with no light and lots of drama. Oh the fun! Let's look on the the bright side, shall we? I'll have lots more material for blog posts!

Place In The Country

Geek Boy and I may also be looking for a new place pretty soon. This fact alone makes up 99% of my stress. I'm not sure how I feel about moving. I like our house, but this may be the chance to move back to Pasadena. I really miss our old neighborhood, but we'd definitely be renting again. I'm fine with that, but I have to find a place that will take both our kitties. There's no way they aren't coming with us. If I dwell on this it can keep me up at night, so for the time being I've been pulling a Scarlett O'Hara . "I'll think about it tomorrow--at Tara" and all that.

Plastic Surgery

No, I haven't gotten any--it would be nice, though. I've always wanted a nose job ---more like a complete overhaul at this point---but I'm afraid my nose won't fit me. Does that make sense? Like I'm afraid I'll wind up with a nose that looks like it belongs attached to some eyeglasses and a moustache. Since I can't afford any surgery, I make due with dying my hair and trimming my bangs. This has resulted in a very important discovery. If you're rocking short Bettie Page bangs NEVER TRIM THEM YOURSELF! Double that warning if you're near sighted like me. The result will be somewhere between a Vulcan (not cool like Spock, but some red shirt Vulcan that dies at the beginning of the episode) and Katnip the Cat.

Mohair Locker Room Pinup Boys

Once again, this has nothing to do with the song, but I'm learning to loom knit! See, knitting, yarn, sweaters--some of which are made of mohair, I think...this totally makes sense. Anyway, I've mastered scarves and have moved on to hats. Geek Boy, instead of being impressed by my looming prowess, is decidedly anti-scarf. He says they're dangerous. Apparently I'm going to get my scarf caught on something which will result in my untimely demise, à la Isadora Duncan. He should have never watched that episode of "Monk".

Violà loom knit hats, as worn by the prettiest of models, Aimee.

Isn't she cute? My favorite thing is the little paw, ready to put out my eye.

Stand And Deliver

Fine, I used this one just because I love the song. Anyway, here's my own dandy highwayman, Jeremy, sporting his new slicker. He's ready for the torrential L.A. rain .