Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday--Music Critic

Buffy disapproved of Bob's musical selection. :-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Taking the App Store by Storm

My Geek Boy is running amok on the App Store, releasing stuff--- games and whatnot. Dire Soul is pretty get to play Latyia, a hot sword wielding girl, and there's killage. I'm all for the killage. :-) This is Bob's second released app on the Apple App Store. Let's hope it does well!

There's Latyia, taking out some guards.

She's got a cool 3 blade sword. Those demon knights don't stand a chance!

Latiya facing off against Devil Girl. I think I was the inspiration behind this villain. A girl can dream...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tell Me Thursday----Aimee

This is Aimee, my 6 yr old Ragdoll mix. I adopted her an her mom when Aimee was about a month and a half old. She isn't too fond of having her picture taken; I usually end up with lot s of shots of the back of her head when trying to photograph her. On this particular day I had chased her all over the house and finally caught her hiding behind the drapes.

Aimee, aka "Mademoiselle Crankypants" is mischievous, cranky, and spoiled---and I wouldn't change her for the world.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday--Peek-A -Boo

Aimee thinks I can't see her. :-)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Childhood Memories


I'm in a gloomy kind of mood right now. I think it's the weather. I'm one of those people who get depressed when the weather gets all gray. Maybe it's because I'm an L.A. kid and I'm used to the sunshine. Anyway, I figured I'd revisit my happy place to shake the blues.

Things I Miss Most About Being A Kid

The 80's

Specifically, the early 80's. The summers of 81-84 were the best--my early teen years. I spent most of the time hanging out with my cousin Patty going to the car wash to buy an Orange Bang! and flirt with the neighborhood boys. These were also the early years of MTV. Remember when MTV actually showed music videos?
Thanks to MTV, I developed my first rock star crush:

Adam Ant

(Capt. Jack Sparrow totally stole his look.)

Orange Bang!

It sounds dirty, doesn't it? It's a drink that tastes like orange and creme ice cream. Almost every day Patty and I made the trek to the car wash to buy one.


Sure, there is still music out there. There's some really good stuff too, but the 80's will always be my favorite. The soundtrack to my early teen years included:

-Adam and the Ants "Kings of the Wild Frontier"

I saved up my pennies and had Mom take me to Licorice Pizza to buy this album. It's one of the first of many.

-The Smiths' "Hatful of Hollow"

No one in my junior high was into The Smiths. They were one of the bands that cemented my "weirdo" status.

-Echo and the Bunnymen's "Echo and the Bunnymen"

Even back then I thought Ian McCulloch's voice was dreamy. :-) Their song "The Killing Moon" (off the "Ocean Rain" album") is my torch song.

The Clash's "The Clash"

I got a hand-me-down copy of this album from one of my older cousins. "White Man in Hammersmith Palais" is my favorite track.

The list goes on and on.

My dog, Shemp*

He was a Bichon Frise. My dad and I found him running through a very busy street and told him to jump in the car. He did--and slept all the way home. It was obvious he someone's pet---he was well cared for and trained. The next day we put up posters, in case his humans were looking for him, but no one ever called. Who knows where the little guy was from or how long he'd been lost.
The vet told us he was about six months was the summer of 1981. He passed away in 1999. I still miss him.

My cat, Suzy*

Suzy was born May 4, 1969. My parents had her before I was born. She knew she was the favorite "kid" and never let me forget it. She was a quiet cat--- soft white fur and pretty blue eyes. People who had never seen her often mistook her for a stuffed toy.
She passed away May 16, 1989, just after her 20th birthday. She'll always be my furry sister.

Saturday morning cartoons

Kids nowadays have it so easy. They can just turn on Cartoon Network and watch cartoons anytime. We had to wait for Saturday morning. That's when the "good' cartoons were on.



Alvin and the Chipmunks

Schoolhouse Rock

I learned many a thing from watching Schoolhouse Rock, including the Preamble to the Constitution. It came in very handy in high school. The only drawback: I could only recite it by singing it.

Melrose Ave.

Today's Melrose Ave is nothing like the Melrose Ave. of the 80's. It was the center for all things punk back then. There were fun places to shop like Vinyl Fetish and Retail Slut, both of which are gone. In the later 80's, it was home of the Burger That Ate L.A.,which was torn down to make --you guessed it---a Starbuck's.

Retail Slut

I miss being a kid.

*Those aren't actually a pictures of Shemp and Suzy. I'm at work and don't have any pictures of my pets on this computer.

13 Things in My Office That Can Be Found Without the Help of GPS


My office is a mess. It's not just in disarray or a bit unorganized--it's a danger zone. It's the kind of mess where a St. Bernard carrying a flask of whiskey will be sent out to find you if you've been in here too long. There are files everywhere. It seems like my inbox and outbox have merged and have started to breed. Still, there are a few things in here that are visible to the naked eye:

1. A Grande Triple Shot Non-Fat Vanilla Latte

I love my coffee. My coffee habit is probably what makes me seem almost human in the morning. But do you know what a pain in the ass it is to say 'grande triple shot non-fat vanilla latte' when you aren't awake? I wish I could just say 'the usual' and my drink would magically appear. Better yet, it would be brought to me by a barista who looks like John Cusack.

No. It would be brought to me by John Cusack.

2. Teen Titans Action Figures

Don't laugh. Oh, like you don't have action figures. And no, they're not dolls. They're action figures.

3. An Open Can of Diet Coke

It will be found in my office at all times. As a matter of fact, I think it was written into my contract when I was hired. Besides, the latte doesn't contain enough caffeine. I need a caffeine IV.

4. A Red Stapler

No plain black stapler for me. This stapler means business. It says ' This is stapled. It's for keeps, bucko. Try to separate these sheets and I'll cut you.' My stapler needs anger management classes.

5. Ashes of Old Lovers

Just kidding. It's just a jar that says' Ashes of Old Lovers', not the real ashes. I flushed the real ashes.

6. My Name Plate

It's on the left hand corner of my desk; it's beauty unmarred by the mess surrounding it. I know--most people have one, but mine is unique. Geek Boy made it for me. Out of paper. Why? Because I've asked multiple times for one with my married name on it but no dice. I've been married for 4 years, but I guess the city wants to make sure it lasts before coughing up the 5 bucks.

7. A Bubble Wrap Ensconced Rectangular Object

I don't know what it is. It's still sitting there in its wrapping. Am I curious? No. It's from the city, for goodness sake. Unless it a check for a million dollars --or my name plate--I don't care.

8. Two Calendars

Yes, they're both 2009. And no, I don't think they dates will vary from one to the other, smartass.

9. An Unopened Can of Diet Coke

Any caffeine junkie worth her salt always has a backup.

10. A Can of Flying and Crawling Insect Killer

It's great. The can looks like those generic products from the '80's. It works, though. Flying and crawling insects know better than to mess with me.

11. A Thermometer

My office is always cold. Like refrigerator cold. I like to know the temperature so I can whine about it later.

12. A Picture of Geek Boy and Me

It was taken on our first trip to Universal Studios as a married couple. I like it.

13. A Plaque

A plaque telling the world I've been working at this bloody place for over 10 years. People think I keep it here because I like it. It's here because I don't want it at home.

View From My Office

Because my job doesn't already seem like a prison sentence....

Like Burning An Ex's Picture

I was just re-reading the former incarnation of Gingerbread Zombie over at Wordpress, and realized there isn't much there I want taking up valuable space in the universe. So I'm going to bring some stuff over here and the rest will go *poof*! , sort of like my ex should have done . :-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009