Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunshine and Crap

I'm cranky. So what's new you ask? This isn't just me being a brat for no reason; I'm cranky because it's a beautiful day and I'm stuck inside my office. Aaaand--my appointments have taken it upon themselves to just show up willy-nilly. The last guy showed up an hour early. 60 minutes ahead of schedule. Doesn't he understand the term "fashionably late"? Does he think that I will be impressed with his time management skills and therefore give him better job leads? Nein, frauline! His "initiative" cuts into my blogging time. Besides, the only initiative I'm interested is The Initiative. You know, that covert operation on Buffy that had the chip put in Spike's head? The one with the oh-so-hot/prostitue-vampire-lover Riley? Yeah, that one. My client's inititive? Not so much. If I had my druthers, they would always be at least 20 minutes late. That way, according to the Policies and Procedures, I can reschedule them for another day. And people say I don't think things out! Ptooey.

Grrr...another victims is here. I'll make short work of this one.

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